Spring Release on the Way

Spring Release on the Way

August 20, 2018

We have been working real hard on getting our spring release ready to go. It is our biggest ever! You've probably seen a few of the caps we have been rolling out over the past couple weeks to get you keen..

You might notice a few changes to the new gear compared to the old stuff. In the middle of this year we did a huge review of our manufacturing process, in an effort to streamline and improve the process - without cutting corners. To note a few things we have changed, the method for printing onto our products has been improved, the embroidery is even tighter, and we have more labels to add to the professionalism. Overall, the product is sick! The best part is, it doesn't take as long to get here anymore, which means new designs more frequently, and quicker restocks of popular sold out designs.

We look forward to showing you the new stuff over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Sizing Charts
You're probably here cause ya want something, but don't know what size fits best, this page is here to help.
Due to our products being cut by hand, there may be a small variance in some measurements.